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Feb 9, 2013 8:00am EST
. >> reporter: it's been a beautiful morning. steve palmer is with us. we're going to get to him in a moment. he has a pretty neat krpgs on his feet. still have major power outages across rhode island, 180,000 homes without power. they're working to get power back up. providence, beautiful. people are finally coming out to see the snow, including steve. all right. let's pan down. talk about a good use of snow shoe shoes. he has these modern contraptions on. my snow shoes in minnesota are wooden and he called me old school. but you say you don't get to get these out often, right? >> not that often. not that often these days. there's just not that many big snow storms anymore. >> reporter: is it worst than you expected, are you enjoying it? >> i'm enjoying it. all our power is underground so we don't lose power. i enjoy it. >> reporter: what's the plan with these today? >> cruise. we're hoping a joint will open up soon er or later. >> thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day here. we'll set
Feb 9, 2013 7:00am PST
you about the power issues here. one of the men taking charge and trying to fix it all is steve perry. he's the public safety commissioner. he joins us now. thanks for taking the time out. biggest question for folks here in providence and across rhode island -- when is their power going to get back on. i know you've had progress this morning. >> yes. we're working with the national grid, our electrical company. we've got to open these roads in order for them to get in and restore power. so that's a priority. we ask people to stay off the roads here in providence as the governor has in the state of rhode island. that gives us an ability to get the experts in to put the power back up. that's a concern. that's a priority we're working on. >> reporter: what do you think, by tonight possibly, at least for providence? i know you still have about 5,000 people in this city without power. >> yeah. we're hopeful, we put -- the national grid put about 2,000 people back up in the short period of time. so some are going to be more complicated. but we're working, going to work throughout the
Feb 2, 2013 7:30am EST
actually a successful megalomaniac. >> yeah, he is in a big way. he has said he idolized steve jobs. is he in your opinion the next steve jobs? or do you think his legacy might eclipse that of his hero? >> i do think he will eclipse steve jobs. he's not as stylish in any way as steve jobs and i don't think you'll see him in a turtleneck. but i do think he is going to change the world in ways that steve jobs only sort of started to. facebook is in our phones, it's in everything we carry. it's in every moment of our lives now. and i think steve jobs was part way there, but i think facebook will keep going with that. so i do think him idolizing jobs is kind of a framework for where he's going to go. >> and when zuckerberg heard of your book, the accidental billionaires, you got a lot of pushback. in fact, the facebook crowd called you the jackie collins of silicon valley. do you think your book and then the movie helped make him more human in people's eyes? >> i do. i think the book and the movie were actually a good thing for facebook. he did call me the jackie collins of silicon vall
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)